Wednesday, January 11, 2006

John Carter Schedules District Town Hall Meetings And Then Doesn't Show

After scheduling a series of town hall meetings Rep. John Carter doesn't show up. We even had somone call, yesterday, and confirm. This is a comment to the previous post on what happened at the Belton town hall meeting today:
Well, John Carter didn't say one thing wrong this afternoon at the Bell County Town Hall meeting in Belton. In fact, he didn't say one word at all.

Mr. Carter was a no show.

Carter's Regional Director told the crowd of about 50 people - mostly senior citizens - that Mr. Carter "sends his regrets". However, with "Mr. DeLay stepping down, there is obviously some disorganization in the party and Mr. Carter is assisting with that."

And with that, Medicare Part D was dished out to the crowd, leaving everyone with a bad taste in their mouths.

While the plan does cover diabetic services, the panel of four representatives spanning from Carter's staff to Bell County's Social Security director, did not know if allergy shots were covered.

And while the panel briefly discussed the coverage gap ("we don't like to call it the doughnut hole"), they intentionally ignored an audience member's comments that "Mr. Carter should have something to say regarding Abramoff." I believe the exact words were: "Thank you very much. Next question, please".

The same gentleman asked if Mr. Carter was a member of the Human Rights Subcommittee, to which he received a "no" response, and a reiteration of Mr. Carter's positions on the Appropriations Committee and National Security Committee.

And when the panel was asked, "who exactly does this plan benefit?" due to the skyrocketing rates of prescription drugs, we were told they could not answer that question, but would get back to us.

As Democratic candidate Mary Beth Harrell has stated, "Carter is an unabashed DeLay lackey and Republican hack". Shame on you, Mr. Carter, for not being there for your constituents. It is a tragedy that you put your political reputation before the welfare of the People. Shame on you for backing a health care program that has left an elderly woman without her necessary heart medication since last Friday because her pharmacy is unable to get through to the necessary Medicare department.

Mr. Carter, you really do say it best when you say nothing at all.

Kellisa Stanley
Campaign Coordinator
Bell County

Thank you Kellisa.


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