Thursday, January 12, 2006

Texas Politics

Sen. Eliot Shapleigh has picked a side in the SD 19 race (Madla(I) vs. Uresti), The Red State has the skinny, Madla's War on Children.

There is some tension between the TTRC and the Comptroller as this article shows, Tax panel again asks Strayhorn to assess options:
Commission Chairman John Sharp, a former comptroller, asked Strayhorn in a letter Monday for help in analyzing various tax proposals.


The comptroller's office did not initially respond to requests for information and analysis because Robert Howden, executive director of the commission, made them.

In a letter to Sharp last week, deputy comptroller Billy Hamilton explained their policy of requiring such requests from elected or appointed officials.

"The comptroller wants to help them, and she said if Chairman Sharp would write that, we would get right on it," Hamilton said. "And that's, in fact, what she told us to do, and that's what we are doing."
Picky, picky. It's like she has it in for the governor's commission for some reason. More importantly what does the commission want to know?
A special committee looking to change the state's school tax system wants Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn to assess the financial impact of several options, including an increase in local sales tax rates to lower school property taxes.


Responses to some of the requests could come early next week because the analysis has been done previously. Some issues are more complicated and would take a few more days, Hamilton said.
Hmm..A sales tax increase, that sounds familiar. Yeah, that's been analyzed before and that hurts the poor and the middle class the most.

El Paso Times article on yesterday's hearing,
Dozens ask state to lower tax rate


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