Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Meet Barbara Samuelson, Mike Krusee's Primary Opponent

Sal Costello has the story, SAMUELSON to Challenge KRUSEE in Republican Primary!
"I find the current and planned schema to toll our public highways to be fiscally and socially reprehensible. Saddling the constituents of Williamson County, nay, of the entire state of Texas, with bloated bureaucratic freeway tolls is not my idea of applying conservative values in the legislature.
Her statement is the same old I'm a "true" conservative Republican BS but if she can help get Krusee out and Karen Felthauser in the legislature, this is excellent. Hit him from both sides.

[UPDATE]: I will amend my earlier statement, somewhat. She does use some rather un-Republican words toward the end of her statement:
We need to invest in higher education to ensure a competitive, and hopefully, prosperous future for our children, our state, our nation, our species, our companion species, and the entire planet! In other words, there is no limit to the potential impact that education has upon existence; it must be funded.


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