Saturday, January 28, 2006

Elect Jim Stauber For State Representative District 20

Hello fellow members of “Stop Tolling Texas",
My name is Jim Stauber and I'm running for State Representative in District 20.

I want to be YOUR voice in our government.
Recently I received a questionnaire on a variety of transportation issues. I'’m happy to share with you my answers to the following questions:

  • Will you support legislation and actively campaign to require local economic impact studies, cost benefit studies and other viability studies for all toll roads and other transportation plans, including, but not limited to, the Trans Texas Corridor, rail, HOV, and HOT lanes to ensure accountability? Yes
  • Will you support legislation and actively campaign to allow the public to vote whether ANY local existing route (public freeway) will be shifted to a toll way or not? Yes
  • Will you support legislation and actively campaign to keep tolls off ALL public highways? Yes
  • Will you support legislation and actively campaign to close the Trans Texas Corridor/Eminent Domain loophole created in the last session? Yes
  • Will you support and campaign to prevent the control of our roads, rail and utilities from being handed over to private or/and foreign interests? Yes
  • Will you support and campaign for a requirement of non-elected RMA board members to disclose ALL real estate and business holdings, as well as support keeping RMA board members from serving when they can profit, have conflict of interests, or have a potential for self-enrichment? Yes
Tolls amount to double taxation. Secret deals and "sweetheart"” contracts written behind closed doors are just simply wrong. I will support and actively campaign for a thorough study of Cintras contract and labor practices.

Most importantly, we need to preserve our precious farm and ranch lands. We cannot continue to pave over one of Texas'’ greatest resources. As more and more family-owned farmland is taken out of production, we will become increasingly dependent on the corporate "mega-farms"” and foreign grown food products. This will curb competition and lead to higher prices in the future. We cannot take away the livelihoods of the good people who have worked so hard to preserve our proud Texas heritage. Small towns and farms will suffer under these plans. It'’s time for "“Toll Roads"” to be bulldozed out of Texas.

My opponent will be able to use Tom Delay and other special interests like an ATM. I won'’t have that luxury. In order to win against such an entrenched and well funded opponent I need your help.

Your donation of $10, $20, $50, $100 or more will go towards covering the cost and increasing the effectiveness of our campaign, including:

  • Professional signs, fliers & bumper stickers;
  • A world class web site;
  • A campaign to reach every voter by mail, phone and radio.

    With your help and that of our many hardworking and tireless volunteers WE CAN WIN!!!

    Let'’s Put Our Government Back to Work for You.


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