Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Texas' Two Senators Are Quite The Pair

Kay Bailey Hutchinson Lies Like a Bad Rug:
Remember a few months ago when Kay Bailey Hutchinson got on TV and called perjury - the thing for which she voted to impeach President Clinton - a "technicality?" And remember how her comments were about the Valerie Plame scandal?

Well, I wrote to the not-so-august senator and told her how appalled I was to hear one of my legislators defending perjury.

I got a letter from her in response. You can click the image to read it.
Tip to Greg. Also go check out her opponent, Barbara Ann Radnofsky.

And John Cornyn, Cornyn Corruption Watch:
Guess who just keeps showing up in conjunction with Abramoff and DeLay: Senator John 'Box Turtle' Cornyn.


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