Friday, January 27, 2006

Did Perry Go To Iraq Just For A Campaign Photo-Op?

John Kelso thinks so, Perry's Iraq trip: hope you like it, 'cause you're paying for it:
Gov. Rick Perry had been out of Texas for three days before the people were told he was in Iraq.

That's funny. I hadn't even noticed he was gone. Had you? Nah, probably not. I haven't seen any difference. Things seem to be running just as well around these parts without him.


But the question is, how long would he have to be holed up before anyone realized he wasn't around the Governor's Mansion?

I'm figuring about six months.

This is a fine Mesopotamia the government has gotten us into, isn't it? Your Defense Department is funding this weeklong junket. I wonder how much it costs taxpayers to send Rick to Iraq.

Let me rephrase that. I wonder how many holes of golf Tom DeLay can play in Scotland for the amount of money it costs to send Rick Perry to play G.I. Joe in Iraq.

"I don't think there's an answer on how much it's costing, because cost is normally formulated after the travel is completed," said Lt. Col. Barry Venable, a spokesman for the Defense Department at the Pentagon.

In other words, how much Perry's trip is going to cost you, the taxpayer, depends on how many times Rick Perry orders a 'rita from room service at Saddam's palace.

I think what Venable was really trying to tell me was to go pound sand.


So Perry can't put on a helmet like Dukakis did because he doesn't want to mess up his hair. Heck, his hair is a helmet. But who wants to bet me $100 that Perry's ads DON'T have some shots of military guys in Iraq standing next to him?

Anybody out there a big enough sucker to take that bet?
Pink Dome has this picture, Cockblocker Perry: Caption This Picture go caption it.


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