Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yesterday's TTRC Hearing

I've only been able to find one story, so far, on yesterday's hearing, Tax panel hears little of everything in Waco. There's not much new here. It's the usual lower property taxes, personal income tax, talk. There was this that looked new:
Ray Walthall, a local political science professor, pitched a two-tiered property tax plan he said he'd been working on for 30 years.
As us usual there was John Sharp talking about the franchise tax loophole - what would a TTRC hearing be without it after all? But the part of this article that caught my eye was this:
For nearly three hours, 11 members of a larger commission that Gov. Rick Perry asked to collect public input and propose a solution listened alertly, posed questions and even made a few light jokes.
11 members of a 24 member commission showed up?! If my math is correct that's less than half. Isn't this the governor's number one priority? Shouldn't there have been some sort of agreement that the members have to show up for the hearings? Or are these people too busy with their businesses, avoiding the franchise tax , to bother with showing up for some lowly commission hearings? The governor had the courage to appoint this group of mostly Republican businessmen to a commission where they can devise their own tax system. Then they don't even have the courtesy to show up for the meetings to hear the people speak. They should, at least, be trying to make it look good. It's just rude Gov. Perry for your friends and campaign contributors to treat you like that, especially in an election year.


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