Tuesday, February 28, 2006

AAS Does Krusee v. Samuelson

Here's the article, Political newcomer challenges Krusee in District 52. Much of this article is what we already know Samuelson is anti toll roads and Krusee is pro toll roads, Samuelson tells her ideas and Krusee ties her to South Austin. But this is the part that I'd never heard before and caught my eye:
Krusee said he would support allowing counties to ask voters for zoning authority as a way to control growth, particularly around the future Texas 130 within the county. Counties are not able to control how land is zoned within their borders.
I remember the inability of the county to zone property being mentioned at one of the candidate forums. On the face of it this appears to be an attempt to move zoning from a town, city, local community, or whoever controls it now and put it in the hands of the County Commissioners. Once again taking the power of control away from a local community and putting it in the hands of an ever-growing, and currently unaccountable, central governing body. My initial reaction is against this but no matter before it could become a reality it will have to be looked into, passed through the legislature and then, I hope, be put on a ballot.

Go see what Karen Felthauser has to say on the issues.


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