Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mary Beth Harrell Challenges Rep. Carter and The Media

In my previous post I linked to a story in The Austin Chronicle about Barbara Ann Radnofsky. It also mentioned that Mary Beth Harrell was there too (some Pics here) :
Also present at the press conference was Congressional District 31 candidate Mary Beth Harrell, who hopes to knock off incumbent John Carter. The military veteran's wife, attorney, and mother of a current Iraq war soldier, said, "I want a Congress that is worthy of the service and the sacrifice of our soldiers... and we don't have that Congress currently. Their votes are for sale, and they sell cheap."

She attacked Carter for being closely allied with Tom DeLay and for both taking money from DeLay's Americans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committee and contributing money to DeLay's defense fund.

She also challenged both Carter and the media to tackle some issues "slightly under the radar," such as the use of depleted uranium weapons. "The people in Congress right now, this administration, they don't care about the vets. They don't care about the soldier, they don't care about the family members. They care about the military contractors, they care about the people who are making a fortune off of using depleted uranium on weapons. There ought to be a congressional investigation into how that's affecting our soldiers' health, and the health of the civilians who are exposed to it in the environment, as opposed to just saying, 'Oh, that's not a problem.'"
And she would know. If you don't know about Depleted Uranium (DU) and what it does, I recommend reading this article on it from Vanity Fair, Weapons of Self-Destruction, or you can simply Google it. DU truly is a horror of war and this issue goes to the heart of why we need Mary Beth Harrel in Congress. If you or someone you love is in the military who do you trust to do what is right on this issue? Mary Beth Harrell, who will speak about an issue like this, or the silence of Rep. Carter.


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