Thursday, February 02, 2006

Republican Culture Of Corruption (RCC)

Democrats must run as THE alternative to the "Republican Culture Of Corruption" (RCC).

As the media attempts to portray anyone who believes that our current state leadership is corrupt and lacking in morals is just a carper, whiner and negative, How guilt by association plays out depends on voter appraisals to come, the Republicans continue to disappoint (see below). Why is a former Democratic member of Congress reinforcing a Republican frame:
Martin Frost, a former Democratic U.S. House member from North Texas, warns against congressional wannabes simply invoking Abramoff, reminding that when Republicans took control of the House in 1994, they were not a one-trick pony but also said what they would do in power.
Why is this former Congressman who was taken down by this corruption doing this? The article and what's said makes it seem like anyone who is running to get corrupt politicians out of office is just pointing it out to get elected. Surely Mr. Frost, who ran for DNC chair last year, could find something better to say than that!? Like, "The money that indicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay used to influence the elections in Texas and force mid-decade redistricting is why I'm now a former Congressman".

What will it take for certain Democrats to realize that the Republicans say whatever they want, then do the exact opposite. They are shameless, lacking in morality, greedy, etc.. The good news is the American people want someone to stand up to them and make sure the Republicans don't go too far. It's too late for that but it's time to start turning this train around. That is what the Democrats need to run on. Good 'ol checks and balances, the Constitution.

But the other disingenuous thing about this article is that when you read this article about what was probably the same Radnofsky event she did quite a bit of talking about what she plans to do when elected, Radnofsky's Education Fixes Fall on Few Ears. But that's probably because his paper showed up late:
What if a U.S. Senate candidate gave a press conference and nobody came? Barbara Ann Radnofsky very nearly found out last week as the only relatively high-profile media sources to show up at state Democratic Party headquarters were this newspaper and the Statesman, and the latter showed up late.
This needs to be hammered home, over and over again. So when people think corruption, dirty money in politics they think Republicans and the Republican Party. We poor Democrats. How are we expected to compete? We only get money from regular people. We're so bad off now that even the trial lawyers won't give us money. The trial now give all their money to former Democrat, former Republican, now Opportunist OTG and the Republican Party. So if you want corruption out of your government and leaders who are only beholden to the people that voted for them, then vote Democratic in November.

The only reason the corrupt Republicans in our state and nation want everyone to stop talking about this and try to minimize those that do is because they know it can bring them down. The only question left is why is the media aiding them with this?

Here's a few of their latest hits:

Building commission stacked with industry representatives, including major donor to the governor and republican party's own representative, Bureaucratic deadwood

Don't you think someone in appointed to a state job should have to not only disclose from who they received gifts, but how much? Watchdog group says ex-PAC official ruling diminishes ethics law

Tax-payer financed, Abramoff connected lobbying, Usual suspects


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