Friday, February 24, 2006

Mary Beth Harrell Responds To Carter Photo-Op

Link to photo-op, Congressman Carter Stands By His Man.

"Carter took time out of his busy schedule to show up one more time to defend and support Travis County Defendant, Tom Delay, but Carter could not find the time to come back to his own district to visit the veterans at the VA hospital in Temple for their Valentine's Day tribute to the vets.

I was privileged to be there and participate in that Valentine Day tribute to our veterans. Along with many other volunteers, I handed balloons, candies, and cards made by local school children, to the veterans at the hospital. The vets were surprised, pleased and touched by our individual expressions of affection and gratitude. A simple act that took very little time out of my day and very little effort, but offered a huge morale boost to these deserving vets.

As a veteran's wife, and the mother of two boys serving on active duty - the oldest is in Iraq, I was also very grateful to the wonderful volunteers who organized this Valentine's Day tribute to remember our veterans' sacrifice and service.

As an Army wife and mom, I'm fed up with the empty rhetoric of republicans like John Carter who claim to "support our troops" but can't even take the time to visit them. And more importantly, do not sponsor bills that increase health benefits and VA access for our veterans. In fact, Carter has yet to speak out against the pending proposal to increase the cost of health care premiums and co-pays for veterans.

Carter's office did send a representative to the VA event to speak for Carter. Carter's rep told us that the Congressman was busy in D.C. and couldn't be there. Carter's rep told us that he must be real busy because he wouldn't normally miss the opportunity to meet and escort Miss Texas on a tour of the VA hospital....

Sadly, John Carter's actions speak volumes about his priorities and values. He needs to quit fighting for Tom Delay, and to start fighting for our soldiers and veterans."

Mary Beth Harrell
Veterans For Harrell


At 2/25/2006 9:25 AM, Blogger CreamGroovy said...

You know, "Veterans For Harrell" doesn't mean much when you have to pay for it yourself.


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