Monday, February 06, 2006

The Three in HD 50

Check out these three running in the District 50 (R) primary, House District 50 match-up, winner gets Mark Strama. Looks like a good fight in the primary:
The campaign messages, with only slight variations and emphases, are fine-tuned for a conservative base: Abortion is wrong, homosexuality is a sin, creationism should be taught in schools, and higher taxes are always bad.
Looks like either way a member of the morality police will be running. Here's a little from each one:
Zimmerman touts his opposition to tax increases. He also said he was the only Travis County candidate who publicly supported the gay-marriage ban with yard signs and radio ads.

"What have they done?" he said of his opponents. "These guys just showed up in December.

Wheeler gives Republicans a third option.

"I'm a conservative Christian," Wheeler said. "The Bible is my road map."

She wants creationism, adherence to the biblical account of creation, taught alongside evolution in science classes so children can make up their own minds.

Although health care spending for lower-income Texans threatens to spiral in the state budget, Fleece said it is not an issue among the district's voters. "I'm a big proponent of self-reliance," Fleece said. "Families should take care of their own."
Hate, junk science and compassion(?). What a combo.


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