Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Proven Conservative Leadership?

I finally started to see a few campaign signs around Williamson County from Rep. Krusee and that's his tag line "Proven Conservative Leadership". I guess since he has a primary opponent, Barbara Samuelson, he figures he may need to advertise a little earlier. One of the big issues she is using in her campaign is his support for taking farmland and paving it over with toll roads, better known as the TTC. Is that conservative. Now look at this in today's AAS, Revenue from casinos is a gamble; should we chance it? :
State Rep. Mike Krusee, R-Austin, wondered last week how much longer Texas can stand to have so much revenue fly to other states. That's a legitimate question, and the "Tax Us" plan offers 12 casinos in Texas, including one in Austin, that would add money to the local and state treasuries. Krusee said the advertisements for out-of-state casinos should include a big thank-you to Texans who gamble in their state for educating their school children.
Now we can sit here and debate all day long whether this is the right way to fund your government, whether it's moral, or a good example or teaching tool to show young people. The other thing I find so curious about this is that these "groups" that want to bring casinos to Texas are so eager to be taxed. Isn't there just something wrong about that? You know, like when your parents used to tell you if it looks to good to be true... And Krusee's argument seems to be, "if you can't beat 'em join 'em". Is that proven conservative leadership.


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