Friday, February 24, 2006

Congressman Carter Stands By His Man

Here's the story, Republicans rally to support DeLay in re-election bid:
U.S. Rep. John Carter, who represents the Central Texas Hill Country, likened DeLay to a World War I lieutenant who led his men out of a trench into battle and is "willing to have a target on front and back saying, 'shoot me first.'"
Tom Campbell, DeLay's primary opponent who set up an RV outside the GOP rally, said the event proved he was making inroads.

"I understand loyalty," Campbell said. "But it's important for us as a party to move through this fog of scandal."

DeLay hugged his wife, Christine, as he thanked the group.

"The Democrats are picking a fight with the wrong delegation," he told a small crowd.
He's got a primary opponent and his delegation in Congress voted against the "DeLay Rule". It's not just Democrats he's got plenty of problems with his own delegation. Where were the rest of the Texas Congressional Republicans?

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