Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Interviews With Demcratic Candidates For Governor

They're posted at Political State Report. Look's like great stuff. This is part I, part II tomorrow. Here's the author's note on the interviews:
Author’s Note: In anticipation of the March 7 Democratic Primary, I took the opportunity to ask each of the three Democratic candidates in the race — Chris Bell, Bob Gammage, and Rashad Jafer—to consider taking time out of their busy schedule for an interview with Political State Report. As of this writing, my interview with Rashad Jafer was not complete, so it will be published separately at a later date.

Because of the time constraints placed on statewide candidates for office in Texas, I submitted questions to each of the candidates via e-mail. Each candidate was asked the same questions, for the most part. Because of each candidate’s different background and different issues affecting each campaign, the next-to-the last two questions were phrased differently when asked of each candidate.

I also asked each campaign to allow me an opportunity to speak with each candidate personally about their responses and to add some additional personal flavor to the interviews. As of the time this interview was released, I was only able to speak personally with Chris Bell.

Due to the volumnious response submitted by the candidates, and because I feel that the candidates voices should be heard if they took the time to respond to the questions, I have left all responses intact in their entirety. As a result, I have broken the interview into two parts. Part One will deal with questions relating to school finance, a woman’s right to choose, economic development and transportation. Part Two will deal with issues the candidates believe to be most important, issues related to campaigning in such a large state, polls, debates and how candidates see the races.

In the interest of fairness, I started with candidates’ responses in alphabetical order, and then alternated which candidates’ response was featured first throughout.


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