Saturday, February 25, 2006

Email Exchange Between Constituent And Rep. Krusee

Someone who regularly emails me tidbits about what's going on with the TTC in Eastern Williamson County sent me this email exchange they had with Rep. Krusee on SH 130 and the TTC (All Emails are posted as I received them):
1st email from constituent:
Mr. Krusee

I am appalled by the fact that you are responsible for the TTC 35 corridor.
I am also appalled that you feel that you can continue getting away with
what you, Gattis and Perry are doing. Shame on you and all your chronies,
money launderers, real estate developers, and schemers. I hope you can sleep
well at night and remember what you are doing to all the farmers and
ranchers and the poor people of Texas. I surely hope we can get rid of you
and all of your kind this year since none of you seem to have a soul.

Rep. Krusee's response:
I would like to see if we have any common ground.
The first part of ttc35 is called sh130. It's job is to relieve congestion
on I35. Although some land was condemed by the state, the project has
brought jobs and opportunity and a higher quality of life to the citizens of
Central Texas, and will continue to do so for our children. Do you support
the building of sh130? If not, what is a reasonable alternative
transportation policy?

This is just the beginning so click on Continue Reading to read the rest.

Constituent respone:
I supported the building of 130 however I do not support the way TxDot went
about how they managed it. I also would have voted for prop 1 and 9 but did
not due the fact I have done much research about the TTC 35 and 69 and was
very upset and stay upset about what I have found out about Texas and Rick
Perry, Tom Delay etc. several months ago even before the current scandal so
I voted against prop 1 and 9 which if you understand the statistics of what
happened was widely defeated in Hayes, Williamson and Travis counties. I do
not understand what the necessity is of this massive project called TTC 35
and do not like the impact it will have on the farmers and ranchers in
Williamson and Bell counties as well as everywhere else it will be. I have
caught Tx Dot in meetings mis representing information and also
representatives of the rail industry not being on the up and up right to my
face. I do not like the fact the our representatives can pass legislation
without our vote. I have never been a political activist but believe me I am
now and I have the money to back up my mouth. What jobs has it brought and
what oppurtunity?? I know someone who worked on 130 that job was short lived
and the crew now moved to the Seguin area. What about the people who worked
and lived here all of their lives and some for several generations? What
about the ranchers and farmers and the small folks? I am at the very least
pleasantly surprised that you responded. So tell me what is the reasonable
transportation policy north of 130 and what will they do about that? I am
in this with some other people that are not just impacted by 130. I commuted
on I35 for 8 years believe me I understand about quality of life why are you
taking so many people's quality of life away?

Rep. Krusee's final response:
sh130 is the first leg of ttc35, so the people of williamson county have
already felt the effect. for the most part, that effect has been one of
opportunity and, once the road is opened, of an improved quality of life.
you asked about jobs: the contruction itself has created tens of thousands
of jobs, and the road, when finished, will drive the creation of much more
than that. more importantly, it will allow employers to remain (and grow)
in texas rather than moving elsewhere, as dell did when it had to open a
plant in nashville due to the lack of roads in austin.
we in the austin area felt the impact of nafta perhaps more than anyone in
the u.s. the resulting traffic congestion cost the region tens of thousands of jobs,
lengthened our commute time every year, and made I35 the most lethal stretch
of interstate in the u.s.
the federal govt, when it passed nafta, promised to help texas deal with the
effects; however, they did not follow through with funds for
improving/expanding I35.
that is why we built sh130 the only way financially possible - with toll
bonds. i think, for the most part, people understand that - sh130 was
long term, the same problems that beset us here in central texas will affect
everyone up and down the I35 corridor. that is why we are proposing to
expand sh130 north and south, up to dallas and south around san antonio.
so, you are right, bell county will be effected when sh130 goes north around
temple/belton, but i think that by the time that happens, it will be welcome
relief, as sh130 is seen as welcome relief by most people in the austin
although, like any road, it will take some land to do the project (as it did
on sh130), the overall impact, i believe, will be good (and necessary) for
the communities located on I35. the alternative is the same death rate,
congestion and loss of jobs that central texas experienced in the decade
after nafta became law.
regarding prop 1, most people agree that our interstate system needs
upgrading, and it is only 50 years old. our rail system is over 100 years
old, and even more in need of improvement. though it is not as obvious as
our road system's shortcomings, the age of our rail system is costing lives
and harming our economy. prop 1 sought to create a fund which could address
that problem - thereby reducing the number of dangerous at-grade crossings
and increasing the speed of freight, which is slower now than 50 or even 100
years ago. now that it has passed, the fund still has no money - the
legislature must decide whether to fund it, and how much.
This is all being done for you. To help you and you grandchildren to have a better life. I wonder if anyone else's life's are being enriched by this?


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