Friday, February 17, 2006

Who's The Good 'Ol Boy? Culpepper Or Gattis?

It looks like a game of pin-the-check-on-the-good-'ol-boy broke out, Candidate forum turns joust
But the sass started when Gattis was asked what he would do to change the commissioners court's reputation of good ol' boy antics.

"I don't think there's any doubt that we've had a lot of the good old boy network," said Gattis, the father of State Representative Dan Gattis. "I'll bring a breath of fresh air. The way you solve that is make everything as open and transparent as possible."”

Culpepper found Gattis' response humorous, and was quick with a retort.

"“Look at who he's taken money from," Culpepper said. "“He's got contributions from every special interest group in the county. He may not be one [a good old boy], but he sure is beholding of them. That's all I need to say."”

The jab caught Gattis off guard.

"One-hundred and forty people have given me money; he's got about 20,"” he said. "Let's see who's got the big checks. My average is about $250. I'd be glad to talk about his average."

According to the list of contributions required by the Texas Ethics Commission, Gattis received $40,975 from 107 donations, an average of $382 each. Culpepper got $31,050, a $365 average.

Gattis admitted after the forum that he didn't fully study Culpepper's filing.

"“He just made me mad when he said that,"” Gattis said. "“And, yeah, there were probably some on my list who were a little shady, one or two you wished wouldn't have given. But I got money from a lot of people."
First there ain't nothing more funny than watching two Republicans trying to make the other one out as more corrupt. I also like how Mr. Gattis recovered from his erroneous statement. He didn't know what was in his opponents filing but he was mad and needed to make a point. Do you think he'd do that when someone makes him mad when he's judge? Oh yeah, he also admitted that he had some "shady" donors to his campaign. Who are the shady and non-shady donors on your list Mr. Gattis? If there "shady" and you knew it why did you accept the money? One of the things I hate about the media these days is there never seems to be any follow-up questions.

Other candidates were there too:
Unlike the candidates for county judge, the Precinct 2 commissioner candidates provided few fireworks during Wednesday's forum.

Republican candidates Melissa Beaudoin, Terry Davis and Cynthia Long, and Democrat Michael Hofmann introduced themselves, briefly gave synopses of their resumés, and then answered questions about budgets, law enforcement and the communications center.

CPA Valerie Covey and Lisa David, the assistant chief deputy for the Williamson County District Clerk, are vying for District Clerk, a position primarily in charge of spending and organization of the county's court system. Both are Republicans.
That's it, the other two races got three paragraphs combined. What is their stance on toll roads, constables, mental health, the shiriffs office, etc..? I'm sure the readers of the HCN would like to know the answers to those questions instead of who's more corrupt of the two judge candidates.


At 2/18/2006 12:40 PM, Blogger Sal Costello said...

I recognize these folks the paper listed for giving money to Culpepper AS FREEWAY TOLL SUPPORTERS:

"Notable donors to Culpepper include; $2,000 from Nyle Maxwell, mayor of Round Rock and owner of Maxwell Auto Group; $500 from Bob Tesch, chairman of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority; $500 from the political action committee of Winstead Sechrest & Minick; $1,000 from Cedar Park developer Blake Magee"

Looks like toller dollars are betting on Culpepper to ignore the public.

Sal Costello
"The Muckraker"

At 2/20/2006 10:17 PM, Blogger CreamGroovy said...

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