Thursday, February 16, 2006

Krusee v. Samuelson. Is He Getting Worried?

Homemade Signs Go Up to Replace Krusee with Barbara Samuelson and Krusee runs a push poll,
It's come to my attention that Rep. Krusee is running a push poll. In the poll they ask if people, repub primary voters if they are familiar with (Mike) Krusee, Barbara (Samuelson) and Karen (Felthauser). They ask what the people think of these three people. Then he makes up lies about himself and Barbara.

What would you think about Krusee if you knew Krusee voted to raise teacher salaries? Lie?

What would you think if you knew that Barbara moved here from Canada just two years ago? Lie?
If you run a push poll I assume that means someone's pushing on you. These questions may not be lies. The questions are asked to make people believe things that aren't true by asking leading questions. Like, when was the last time you beat your wife.

Here's Krusee's record:
MIKE KRUSEE ON THE ISSUES (Votes are from 2003, 78th Regular Session)

Voted for Toll Roads, a Commuter Tax on our Commuter Community
(HB 3588)

Voted to cut teacher pay and rights
(HB 112 and HB 3257)

Voted to lower professional standards for our children’s teachers
(HB 318 &HB 2723)

Voted to Continue to underfund education and pass the burden to the local level
(HB 1)

Voted to Cut $15,786,000 from the HEALTHCARE budget of Williamson County for children,pregnant mothers, nursing home residents and the aged and disabled.
(HB 2292)


At 2/17/2006 2:07 AM, Blogger Barbara Samuelson said...

Yes, Mike Kru$ee is propagating many lies about myself, Barbara Samuelson. Yes, I moved to Texas from Canada. I went to college in British Columbia. I was born and raised in Billings, MT. and spent my adult life in my dad's hometown, Boulder, CO. Oh heavens! Did I say Boulder???
I sure did. I am a fourth generation Boulder resident, and not the least bit disturbed by that. :)
M.Kru$ee has also postulated that I have only lived in Texas for "..15 months" and therefore have not "lost anyone dear on the the treacherous roads of Texas."
EXCUSE ME M. Kru$ee, if I do say so myself, Q.E.D. Which, I will translate for you, M.Kru$ee, that stands for "Quad Eratum Demonstratum" or 'That which I have set out to prove'. What a ninny.
1. It would be ILLEGAL for me to run if I was only a resident for 15 mos.
3. I haven't suffered losses on the backassward highways designed by TxDOT?? SIGH. This is what is called in philosophy 101 as an "argument of appeal to pity" and a "red herring".

Not only is M.Kru$ee incapable of logical thought processes, he is delusional.

For instance: He wants to 'fund education by legalizing gambling'. Not only is he lacking in critical thought processes, he is ethically bankrupt. Fund education with gambling?? Why not an 'assisted suicide lottery'??? Sheesh, Mike, get a grip!
M.Kru$ee thinks it's perfectly ok to sell off Texas infrastructure, and further more, that it's ok if the bond sales for those "for sale roadways" fail. "That would be a boon to Texas.." m.Kru$ee stated. Great. We can pay for the road initially, then again for it to be converted to a toll road, hope that useage has (once again) been grossly over estimated by URS, and then the taxpayers can re-possess the roadway by re-purchasing it.

Hello?? Is there anyone home, M.Kru$ee?? "Hello, McFly??"

Please don't let me believe that I'm the only person who thinks that this ideology is seriously flawed, if not TREASONOUS!

Step down, M.Kru$ee, the gig is up. You lie, lie, and lie to US, your employer, the people of Texas. We are on to your sick little GAMES and the public is TOO INTELLIGENT to buy your brand of BULL.

You have no constituents, M.Kru$ee, you have only slave driving masters who dictate your every move. You have sold your soul and sold out your country and deceived the Great People of Texas.

I was raised by a Texan. I can tell that YOU WERE NOT!

Respectfully, the ever vigilant tax paying detective,
Barbara Samuelson

At 2/18/2006 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god. . . this chick is fucking NUTS.


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