Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Late Night Updates

Williamson County settles suit with three female inmates, Commissioners agree to settlement in jail sex claims:
The Williamson County commissioners accepted a settlement offer Tuesday from three women who had threatened to sue in connection with sexual misconduct in the Williamson County Jail.

But the terms of the settlement - and how much it will cost taxpayers -— will not be released until the women sign the agreement, said Williamson County Attorney Jana Duty. That could be as long as two weeks, she said.
Katy Hubener loses special election in HD 106:
(D) Katy Hubener 2,438 46.23%
(L) Gene Freeman 48 0.91%
(R) Kirk England 2,788 52.86%
(-) TOTAL 5,274 100.00%
Less than 8% voter turnour. More from Kuffner.


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