Friday, February 03, 2006

The Republican Money Game, Or How They Eat Their Own

It's a story of how two "right-wingers" with too much money, bankroll politicians that want to kill public schools. Bob "Swift-boat" Perry and Jim "Voucher" Leininger team up in this mad cap caper to privatize education, 2 donors show rift in GOP:
"If it's all about money, if our entire Texas Legislature is just kind of up for bid to who can put the most money into campaigns, that's sad," said Carolyn Boyle of the Texas Parent PAC. It was launched last summer by former PTA leaders and public school advocates.
Here's how it's done:
Here's an example of how money from Dr. James Leininger, a proponent of private-school vouchers, has flowed to a House Republican candidate running against a moderate Republican incumbent:

Nov. 28: Dr. Leininger and his wife, Cecelia, give $13,000 to the Texas Club for Growth PAC. The same day, the long-dormant PAC reports making an "in-kind contribution" of $12,000 worth of polling to former Rep. Wayne Christian of Center, who is running against Rep. Roy Blake Jr. of Nacogdoches.

Dec. 12: The PAC reports a $12,000 payment to Public Opinion Strategies, the firm of Washington-based GOP pollster Bill McInturff.

Jan. 9: Mr. Christian files a campaign finance report with the Texas Ethics Commission. It shows no activity.

Jan. 17: Mr. Christian files a corrected report that shows he received the $12,000 worth of polling from the Club for Growth PAC.

SOURCE: Texas Ethics Commission reports


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