Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Gov., Lt. Gov. & Speaker Aren't On The Same Page. I Think I Heard That Before.

The Houston Chronicle has an editorial today called Mixed signals. It's about the fact that the Gov. just wants to focus on taxes in the spring, the Lt. Gov wants taxes and school reform, and Craddick wants all that and vouchers too. Perry seems to be the only one that doesn't want to talk, at the least, about a teacher pay raise. Rep. Homer and Sen. Eltife are for getting teachers more money:
"There is no reason we can'’t address a teacher pay raise in the same special session," Eltife said. "“We have $2.5 billion in the bank from the last session that can be spent on an across-the-board teacher pay increase."


"“I think teacher pay raises are critical," Homer said, noting teachers are about $6,000 under the national average. "“This first hit needs to be across the board to get our teachers at least to the half-way point and then we can start looking at some form of merit pay next year."
My opinion is that your governor thinks he's already taken care of the teachers and education reform is on the way.

Also, can you guess why John Sharp won't forget his trip to Abilene yesterday for the TTRC hearing? Can't find much else on the hearing yesterday but it doesn't really matter after that.


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