Sunday, February 12, 2006

More TTRC Lunacy

In this article, Sharp: Proposal not likely to burn oil industry, Mr. Sharp and his crony commission go out of their way to make sure everyone knows that a state income tax is off the table:
Former comptroller said state income tax, gambling to be ruled out as ways to lower property taxes and still have money to fund Texas schools.


"An income tax is ruled out," Sharp said. "The governor wanted us to rule that out. We're also not discussing gambling issues. The commission has ruled that out. It's something that would require a vote and (the Legislature) doesn't have time for a vote."
So a sales tax is out, what are they talking about?
Sharp said there also are some members of the commission who support expanding the state's sales tax to include industries that are currently not subject to it, and increasing the sales tax rate. Currently set at 6.25 percent, members of the commission have discussed raising it as high as 11 percent.
Holy crap, that would raise sales tax where I live to 13 percent. They won't discuss an income tax but they'll talk about raising the sales tax by 5 percent? Well at least, as the title says, they won't be raising taxes on the oil industry. I feel so much better.


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