Tuesday, February 21, 2006

They're Shuddering, Let's Get Them Quaking

In Harvey Kronberg's latest commentary, Does lightning strike twice?, he tells us that:
Despite claims to the contrary, Donna Howard's decisive win over Republican Ben Bentzin in last week's special election sent shudders through GOP circles


Travis County Democratic Party Chair Chris Elliot may have nailed it when he said the voters are suffering Republican exhaustion.

In exactly one week, we get to see if the Howard win was a fluke or the beginning of a trend. Up in Irving, Democrat Katy Hubener takes on Republican Kirk England in another special election. This race is also in a 58 percent Republican district, but one far more blue collar than West Austin.

In contrast to Austin, early voting has been fairly light. But some Republicans in the district say Hubener has a real shot at a win.

If lightning does strike twice, all bets are off for Republicans incumbents being challenged by moderates in their primary a week later.
I'd call it Republican fatigue, but that's me. And the shuddering will turn into quaking. Help out Katy Hubener if you can.


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