Friday, February 03, 2006

What's The Matter With Texas?

The Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) that is, Perry grows on farmers:
Hate the sin, love the sinner.

The Texas Farm Bureau, which has opposed the Trans-Texas Corridor - and continues to through its political arm - has nonetheless endorsed that massive toll road plan's creator: Gov. Rick Perry. The board of the Agfund, the farm bureau's political action committee, on Tuesday voted to go with Perry in this year's election over the various Democrats, independents and mystery writers vying for his job. Kenneth Dierschke, president of both the bureau and the Agfund boards, asked if the vote was unanimous, said only that "it was a majority."

"We're very opposed to the Trans-Texas Corridor and have been since our convention two years ago," Dierschke said. "But we're more than a one-issue organization, and we have several issues that the governor works with us on."

Along with the endorsement, Dierschke said Perry's campaign will get a five-figure contribution from the bureau's political action committee. He declined to be more specific on the amount.
It opposes the TTC through it's political arm but the political arm will give the TTC's creator a five-figure contribution. That's al least $100,000, for those like me who were wondering. I can't understand them not being a one-issue organization. But, it would seem to me that it's pretty hard to have a farm bureau without farms. Therefore I would think the number 1 priority of the Texas FARM Bureau would be protecting farms in Texas! I guess this is like Stockholm Syndrome or where the abused wife just can't leave her husband? How about some on you rural voters in Williamson County, what do y'all think about the TFB?


At 2/05/2006 4:23 PM, Blogger Sal Costello said...

I was wondering what was wrong with the Farm hit the nail on the head! They have Stockholm's Syndrome!

Not only did they endorse Gov. Perry, but also his boy wonder, Mike Krusee!

The establishment that runs the Farm Bureau must have gotten a pass on their the expense of those they are supposed to represent.

Sal Costello
It's not about Tolls. It's about It's about corruption, unaccountability, fiscal responsibility, unlimited new tax, no bid contracts, closed government and more.


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