Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Leininger's Adopts Clear Channel Model

As I was reading Harvey Kronberg's latest commentary at News 8, A man with a plan, there was something very familiar about this part of the story, the part in bold in particular:
Apparently, Leininger doesn't trust these candidates to run their own campaigns. Very little of his money is actually going to the candidates. Instead, it'’s Leininger's PAC that is directly paying the consultants and pollsters. His PAC is bypassing the campaigns and directly buying the television and radio time, as well as paying the people doing the mail and producing the commercials. In fact, it'’s fair to say these five campaigns are run by the PAC and its consultants, with the actual candidates reduced to little more than figurehead or employee status.

So it'’s not surprising that the voters in Nacogdoches are seeing the exact same cookie-cutter advertising as are the folks in say, Fort Worth, Lubbock or New Braunfels.

When one man all but single handedly organizes, plans and funds five campaigns, local voters might reasonably question whether Leininger's candidates will represent them rather than the wealthy physician from San Antonio.
This is exactly like one of the tricks Clear Channel did when building it's radio empire. (To find out about how Clear Channel did this click here and scroll down to Stations On "Auto Pilot") Taking over local stations, eliminating the local control over the station, and programming them from a central location, all with the same content, which in turn cuts the costs and makes the corporation more porfitable. It's just that Mr. Leininger has taken that business plan and is trying to implement it in your statehouse. A bunch of local politicians, programmed by one central billionaire to do what profits him and not doing what's best for the constituents of these ditricts.

P. S. Clear Channel and Mr. Leininger both being from San Antonino, I did a cursory Google search of Mr. Leininger and Clear Channel from that there does not appear to be a connection. If anyone knows anything different feel free to comment.


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